Tina Davies Professional Precision Needle Cartridges (10 cartridges/box) – .35 1RL Liner

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.35mm 1RL (1 Round Liner)
10 pcs
Product Description

Designed by Tina Davies specifically for demanding artists who want the best in precision, quality and comfort. Our needles are sharp, easy-to-use and allow you to deliver the best results. Acting like brushes, our needles are flexible, yet gentle – providing maximum ink deposit with minimum skin trauma. Made to fit rotary-style machines, the elongated tip and unique finger rest help you tattoo with ease and precision to achieve pixel-perfect deposit each and every time. The safety membrane prevents backflow, keeping you and your clients safe.

The .35 mm 1RL is one of our most popular needles for pixel-perfect dusting, layering and fine lines on brows, eyes, lips, areolas and any area that require detail and precision. This needle is suitable for use on normal sensitive or skin.

3 most important benefits

-Sharp, brush-like long-tapered needles deliver maximum ink deposit with minimal trauma
-The built-in finger rest provides enhanced control and increases precision and comfort while reducing hand fatigue
-The thin-profile elongated tip provides increased needle visibility improving accuracy and precision

Core features

-Curated selection of needle sizes for PMU
-Sharp, brush-like, long-tapered needles
-Patented safety membrane
-Patented silcone finger rest
-Thin profile, elongated tip
-Sterilized by EO gas

User guide

The .30mm 1RL consists of one single needle and deposits 1 pixel of ink at a time. Artists love to use this needle to build soft gradients or for creating the finest, detailed effects.

Use the smaller sizes such as the 1RL, 3RL, 3RS or 5RS for smaller and more detailed work and the larger sizes 7CM and 9CM for more coverage and efficiency. Choosing a size has never been easier, as all of our needles are suitable for the delicate features of the face and body such as eyebrows, eyes, lips, and areolas. Your choice of needles will be based on your personal preference, skin conditions, and design demands.

How to use bullets

-Fits any standard rotary tattoo machine/device
-To use: insert, twist and lock
-Adjust the needle hang on your machine to allow the needle to protude by 2mm-3mm
-Allow the needle to “draw up” ink into the tip of the cartridge by running the machine and holding the tip in place
-Always work off the tip(s) of the needle without forcing it into the skin
-Maintain a taut stretch at all times to maximize ink deposit and minimize skin trauma
-Clean the tip of the needle frequently to remove buildup
-To prevent damage to the needle tip, do not allow the needle to hit the pigment cup while dipping
-Dispose into a Sharps container after use
-Do not reuse