What is Dermaplaning?

Peach fluff or fuzz (technically known as vellus hair) on the face, can present a beauty issue for some people, being particularly thick or pronounced. 

Dermaplaning is a safe non-invasive treatment to remove it that also has the advantage of removing a superficial layer of dead skin cells, providing a thorough exfoliation. 

Not only does this reveal more radiant glowing skin but it creates pathways for the absorption of skin peels and products to be more effective.

Why choose Dermaplaning to remove Vellus hair?

Because of its light tone and fine texture Vellus hair is unresponsive to many laser hair removal systems. Similarly waxing or depilating this area of the face can be brutal and cause in growing hairs. Dermaplaning however is a safe, careful, gentle and non-invasive method for the removal of these fine hairs.

What does the treatment involve?

The Dermaplaning process commences with a thorough double cleanse – removing all traces of make up. Any residual surface oil is then removed with Epionce purifying toner. 

Dermaplaning itself occurs when a sterile medical blade is used to glide across the skin in an upwards direction. 

This is done carefully and progressively until the whole face has been treated. Once the Vellus hair and superficial skin cells have been removed Epionce SPF 50 is applied to protect the newly-revealed, radiant skin from sun damage and pollutants. 

Epionce Lite Refresh Peel or Growth Factor Peptide serum can be applied immediately after this process to further improve skin texture. 

Absorption of peels and serums is much more effective on the newly exfoliated skin resulting in a glowing hair free appearance. 

What’s more there is no discomfort and no downtime with this procedure.

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